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Weyhill Guest House

From the moment of arrival, guests are greeted by luxe furnishings, dark wood trims, and a fireplace in nearly every room. The history of the beautiful circa 1790 house shines through, adding an unmistakable warmth to the unique bed and breakfast experience.

The charming Weyhill Guest House boasts 13 bedrooms and serves as an idyllic backdrop for overnight stays, small events, intimate weddings, and private off-site meetings. Nestled within the Weyhill Course, it is the perfect respite for a weekend golf retreat among friends. When libations are enjoyed here by adoring golfers and guests, it has been said that it becomes “the hardest bunker to get out of on the Weyhill Course.”

Whether a staycation or milestone celebration with family and guests, any event held at this quaint and impeccably-maintained piece of history will forge memories that last a lifetime.


Weyhill, nestled in a serene green valley, has a rich history dating back almost 50 years before the Revolutionary War. Jakob and Susanna Gangewere, immigrants from Germany, established the area. Their grandson, Henry, built the Washington House around 1788, and later the main house, now the Weyhill Guest House, in 1790.

The Gangeweres initially farmed the land, but its value rose with the industrial revolution, attracting iron and brick manufacturing. The Bethlehem Iron Company and Thomas Iron Company mined hematite ore here, and three brick companies operated furnaces, leaving traces discovered during golf course construction. The community flourished with Bethlehem Steel's founding in 1904 by Charles Schwab, leading to residential expansion. Frederick A. Shick and Quincy Bent, top Steel executives, played pivotal roles. Shick's Saucona Farms supplied raw milk, while Bent renamed his farm "Weyhill Farms" and won awards for certified milk.

Bent, a steelmaking genius, sold Weyhill to Bethlehem Steel in the 1950s. The property evolved, with the Guest House serving as offices before becoming a clubhouse locker room in 1970. The golf course, initially named Bent Creek, later became The Weyhill Course, reflecting its heritage and Saucon Creek's influence. In 1995, Saucon Valley Country Club acquired the golf course and repurposed the Guest House for business and entertainment. By 2002, the Club owned the Guest House, preserving its historic charm as a beacon of traditional hospitality for members and guests, embodying over two centuries of heritage amidst modern development. Throughout its history, Weyhill has seen transformations and contributions from various industries and individuals, shaping its identity as a blend of historical significance and contemporary amenities. Today, the Saucon Valley Guest House at Weyhill stands as a testament to its enduring legacy, offering a unique experience that bridges the past and present for all who visit.