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Renowned as the finest family club in the country, SVCC is home to generations of families who have made memories enjoying the many amenities in a warm and hospitable environment fostered by fellow members and staff. Every moment of your visit is thoughtfully curated by a highly-trained team with a singular goal of providing the total member experience.

The membership takes pride in its heritage and strongly reaffirms the objectives and traditions of its founders: the Club provides a refuge from the outside world where good manners, a high moral code, personal integrity, etiquette, and mutual respect are inherent. Common sense, courtesy and allegiance to the principles of the Club’s heritage govern member behavior, allowing members and their families to relax and enjoy recreation, fine dining and the social camaraderie of other members. Members have joined Saucon for its wonderful traditions and expect it to remain a vibrant haven for future members.

If you are interested in learning more about membership at Saucon Valley Country Club, please contact a current member you know to express your interest. You may also contact our membership director at (610) 332-2136 to arrange a personal introduction and tour.

To learn more about the SVCC lifestyle, please view our flip book here.