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For those looking for a total recreational and social experience with emphasis on golf, Saucon Valley Country Club provides what is arguably the finest overall facility in the country. Situated on 850 acres, the campus includes 60 holes of golf with three championship courses, indoor and outdoor tennis, a four-pool swimming complex, squash, platform tennis, fitness center and fly fishing. Dining needs are supported by 10 indoor and outdoor eating venues. The historic Weyhill Guest House provides lodging with 13 bedrooms. With all these facilities, accessibility is never an issue. 

There is a strong sense of community throughout the venues and activities. The Club strives to help members and families build life-long relationships. 

All of these benefits are delivered by a highly trained staff committed to excellence and the preservation of tradition. Maintaining the overall experience and the quality of the campus will not be compromised. 

Our Purpose, Heritage, and Organization
The purpose of Saucon Valley Country Club is to provide superior, private recreational and social facilities for the exclusive use of its members and their families. Founded in 1920, the Club adopted and retains the conservative dress code, civil manners and social amenities typical of great, enduring private clubs organized in the 19th and early 20th century. The Club is managed by a Board of Governors elected by the members, and is organized as a not-for-profit and non-equity corporation – an arrangement that supports the expectation that the Club will endure in perpetuity. In the belief that the members are its most important asset, the Club endeavors to select its membership with the utmost care – free of ethnic or religious considerations.

The Club possesses outstanding facilities including extensive golf, racquets sports and swimming, along with a variety of venues for fine dining. It is the policy of the Club that all such facilities shall be of superior quality and offered in a surrounding which provides maximum pleasure to Club members and their families, and that fees and charges will reflect that policy. Expansion of such facilities will be considered only after careful and diligent review by the Board of Governors.

Access to Facilities
To ensure member access to all facilities without undue crowding or delay and at acceptable cost, the Club strives to maintain a judicious balancing of factors pertaining to the use of facilities. These include the number of active members, the rules pertaining to their introduction of personal and family guests, and the rules regarding members using the Club for other than personal reasons. The Club has adopted certain priorities to guide specific decisions in these matters. The first priority is to maximize member access to all facilities at times of their choosing. In a situation requiring a decision between a nominal increase in fees versus more crowding of facilities, fees will be increased. The second priority is to provide reasonable access, at moderate costs, for personal family and out-of-town guests. Lastly, the Club endeavors to preserve its private status; therefore, a member’s introduction of guests and use of Club facilities for other than personal reasons are subject to restrictive rules and frequent review by the Board of Governors.

Traditions of Membership
Finally, the membership takes pride in its heritage and strongly reaffirms the objectives and traditions of our founders: the Club provides a refuge from the outside world, a very private Club where good manners, a high moral code, personal integrity, etiquette and mutual respect are inherent in the membership; where rules are seldom invoked because common sense, common courtesy and allegiance to the principles of our heritage govern member behavior; and, where members and their families can relax and enjoy recreation, fine dining and the social compatibility of other members.

Preserving Saucon Traditions
Respect for these traditions and high standards of excellence are essential to preserving and fostering an atmosphere at Saucon that will transcend influences outside of the Club. Members have joined Saucon for these wonderful traditions and models of behavior and expect it to remain a constant beacon for future members to emulate.

Becoming a Member
If you are interested in learning more about Saucon Valley Country Club and know any of our members, please contact them and express your interest. They will be pleased to assist you. If you do not know any of our members, please contact our Club at (610) 332-2136 to arrange for a personal introduction and tour.

To learn more about SVCC, please view our flip book here.