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A Day at Saucon

GOLF SHOP: Please register in the Golf Shop prior to beginning play. Green fees and golf car fees may be paid by credit card or charged to the sponsoring member's account. Golf Shop merchandise may be purchased with cash or credit card. No reciprocal billing. 

GOLF SHOES: Members and their guests are reminded that it is not appropriate to change clothing, including golf shoes, in the Club parking lots. Please utilize the locker room facilities for this purpose. This policy will be strictly enforced. 

“Soft-Spikes,” approved by SVCC, are required for play. Metal and ceramic spike are strictly prohibited. Approved spikes are available in each locker room. Appropriate footwear includes those that have soft-spikes or dimpled soles and flat-soled sneakers. 

LOCKER SERVICE: A full-service locker room is available for your convenience. 

CADDIES: Caddie fees are determined by the Caddie’s experience level and include a gratuity: 

     Novice (Green Cap) $50 - $60 

     Intermediate (Navy Cap) $60 - $80 

     Honor (Gold Cap) $90+

Per Club policy, all unaccompanied guests are required to employ a caddie/forecaddie (if all are using golf cars) for their round. Caddies must be paid in cash at the conclusion of the round. 

PACE OF PLAY: All players are expected to maintain an acceptable pace of play on all courses. Members are responsible for their guests’ pace of play. A foursome taking longer than four hours to play an 18-hole round on any of the three championship courses will be subject to a reprimand by the Golf Committee. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER: The Club utilizes an automatic lightning detection system (Strike Guard). The warning is a 10-second continuous siren. The system will continue to search for lightning strikes. If no strikes occur, the all-clear siren will sound (10 continuous beeps). Please note that once the alarm sounds you must discontinue play immediately and seek shelter. 

CELL PHONES: Guests are reminded that the use of cell phones is not allowed in public areas of Saucon Valley Country Club. This includes all dining areas, parking areas, golf courses, practice areas, racquet venues and lobbies. Use of cell phones in the parking areas will be restricted to the privacy of an enclosed automobile only. Calls may be made from the locker room only when absolutely necessary and should be limited in duration so as not to disturb other members and guests. Nonetheless, cell phones may be used in the event of a medical emergency or an incident involving a breach of the Club’s security. 

ATTIRE: Appropriate attire for men and junior boys includes the following: polo-type shirts with sleeves and collar, turtleneck, or mock turtleneck, and must be worn tucked in trousers or shorts.  Sleeves may be long or short. Pants must be either tailored trousers or Bermuda shorts. Length of the shorts must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee, or Bermuda length. Pants or shorts must be worn with a belt. It is suggested that socks be ankle length or lower. Hats and caps must be worn facing forward. T-shirts of any kind, tank tops, short-shorts, warm-up pants, cargo pants or shorts, drawstring pants or shorts, and denim of any kind or in any form or color are not permitted. 

Appropriate attire for women and junior girls includes the following: shirts must have sleeves and/or a collar and must be long enough to be tucked in. Turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks are permitted. Tailored slacks, shorts, skirts, skorts or Capri pants are acceptable. Length of shorts, skirts or skorts must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee. It is suggested that socks be ankle length or lower. Sleeveless T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, short-shorts, athletic/exercise pants, tights, gym shorts, leggings, cargo pants or shorts, drawstring pants or shorts, sweatpants, sheer or clinging fabrics, clothing revealing midriffs or undergarments and denim of any kind or in any form or color are not permitted. 

HATS OFF "UNDER COVER" POLICY: Golf hats, sports hats and visors must be worn facing forward. Men and boys must remove hats at any location "under cover" - including the Weyhill Clubhouse and any dining venue - indoors or outdoors. Men have the option to wear hats in dining areas of the Lime Kiln and Villa Pazzetti that are not under cover.

OTHER: Smoking is only permitted on the golf course. All other areas of the Club are strictly non-smoking.